MAE Consulting Group


“I have known Janet and worked extensively with her over the last several years.  I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable about regulatory affairs in the medical device space, and a quick study regarding international trade compliance matters.  Most importantly, in my dealings with her, she has demonstrated great integrity, as well as dedication to, and conscientiousness in, her work.”

Melvin S. Schwechter


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Janet Kwiatkowski in complex regulatory situations. She was a quick study in the world of environmental regulation. I found her to be a knowledgeable and professional businesswoman. She isn’t shy about asking the questions she needs to gather the information necessary to resolve complex business or regulatory issues, and she doesn’t hesitate to make tough decisions when warranted.  At the same time she carries a confident air mixed with a good sense of humor and irony. I enjoyed the time we worked together and am pleased to recommend her to any firm that needs the regulatory expertise and business acumen she has to offer.”

Carlton R. Layne
Executive Director
Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation
EPA Pesticide Section Chief and National Pesticide Expert (ret.)